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MP3 blog 2012/05/10

blog 2012/05/10 - this is the now and this is the record of the now

Aesop Rock - Zero Dark Thirty:  Kicking off a hiphop-heavy week with the one, the only, Aesop Fucking Rock.  New album Skelethon out soon, and I'm super excited.

Akira Kosemura - Petrarca
Akira Kosemura - Xiao Ge Er:  Breezy electronic IDM beats with tinkley washes of piano and guitar is practically its own genre at this point.  The whole album Grassland is all like this:  super Sunday cobweb removal music.  This album has more going on than most in the genre.

Basket of Figs - Holland:  With a voice that could be straight from the 60s and off the album "Oh Eye, Oh Night", this single stirs something inside then finishes before you even know what it was.

Cultfever - Knew You Well:  Fabulous pop from the self-titled album.

Death Grips - Get Got
Death Grips - I've Seen Footage:  In some ways it's more intense than their debut, in some ways it's more listenable because there's a bit less growly-yelling.  Either way The Money Store is pretty damn amazing and you kind of owe it to yourself to check it out since everyone will be talking about it.  And apparently the 3rd album might even come later this year...

Earl Sweatshirt - Home:  Probably the best little nugget I've heard from the wolf gang crew.  Here's to hoping the brats keep growing up.

El-P - Works Every Time:  Yeah yeah yeah, it's a good fucking hiphop post.  Here's another track from Cancer For Cure.

Exile - Oh Word (Keep On Rising) ft Fahsawn:  We all know these tracks, Pharcyde made them an art unto themselves:  the goofy smoked out posse track that is always on the verge of falling apart.  Yessss.

Fun. - We Are Young ft Janelle Monáe:  Yes, this is a super fun track, but the puzzler is, if you have Janelle in the studio, why are you just having her do the backup vocals?

Holy Other - Touch:  Oh yes, I love me some pitched down swirl beats!

Kathryn Calder - Who By Fire (Leonard Cohen cover):  Can you believe Cohen is touring again?  Is he feasting of the blood of children or what?

LAKE R_DIO - Max Headroom:  I think I declared witchhouse dead some time last year, but this is another nail in that coffin, as the producers all give up the facade that they really like pleasant plonky electro music like the rest of us, funny characters in the name be damned!

Mirror Lady - Hands Are Tied:  Ready to go for soundtracking an episode of Gossip Girl!

Niia - BTSTU (Jai Paul cover):  Sometimes covering a hot contemporary song can be just as sublime as hitting the classics.

PTR1 - Cold (Teielte Remix):  Dubbing out vocals even further, this is some great snappy chillage.

Sharon Van Etten - Kevin's:  Folk crooner gold from the new album Tramp.

The Commas - Bottle:  Yes, between all the beats and the hippin an the hoppin we need a solid singer/songwriter folk contingent!

Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me (Doorly Remix):  Utah Saints were always awesome, and oh thank goodness for the remix revival train that busts out the classic samples again.

Xiban - Drunk Ghost:  Oh wow this is super amazing and surprising.  I was not expecting to find something this awesome, but here we are.  


Aesop Rock - Zero Dark Thirty
Akira Kosemura - Petrarca
Akira Kosemura - Xiao Ge Er
Basket of Figs - Holland
Cultfever - Knew You Well
Death Grips - Get Got
Death Grips - I've Seen Footage
Earl Sweatshirt - Home
El-P - Works Every Time
Exile - Oh Word (Keep On Rising) ft Fahsawn
Fun. - We Are Young ft Janelle Monáe
Holy Other - Touch
Kathryn Calder - Who By Fire (Leonard Cohen cover)
LAKE R_DIO - Max Headroom
Mirror Lady - Hands Are Tied
Niia - BTSTU (Jai Paul cover)
PTR1 - Cold (Teielte Remix)
Sharon Van Etten - Kevin's
The Commas - Bottle
Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me (Doorly Remix)
Xiban - Drunk Ghost

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