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MP3 blog 2012/06/08

blog 2012/06/08 - the flood is here and just in the nick of time we abdicate it all

Hey internet!  Long time no blog.  Yeah, things have been crazy busy around here.  Released a music video, released a new mix, got strep throat, preparing for baby to arrive.

So if you missed things, here is a quick recap:
Wherein I warn of changes:
and I release a noise music video:

So yeah, as the antibiotics kick in, time to cobble together a new dose of sweetness.

2:54 - Circuitry
2:54 - Scarlet:  So is that like AM or PM?  The self-titled album is female-fronted rock music that brings me back to a combination of post-Yeah Yeah Yeahs, mixed with grunge-couple era early 90s stuff like that dog. and Breeders.  I'm giving it more listens, but it's growing on me quite quickly.

2KWTVR - Body Feelings:  The Whitney reworks, they burn!   OOOOO it burns so righteously!

Beach House - Lazuli
Beach House - The Hours:  So yeah Beach House have a new album out, it's called Bloom, and yeah it's as good as you hoped.  Highly recommended.  Get new underwear.

Best Practices - Future Cougar:  So much hard rock ish in the world, and only a bit of it all sticks to my bones.  When you get the whole gang up to the mic to scream together ecstatically, that usually does it.

Bondax - All Inside:  Super sultry soul bass yes.

Cannon Bros. - Out Of Here:  There's something about the vocals that just reminds me of delicious high-school angst/rage/romanticism.

Carrousel - 14:  I love the passion in this track.

Exitmusic - Passage
Exitmusic - The Night:  Ummm I THINK I MIGHT LOVE THIS ALBUM.  In what has generally been a meh year for music, when compared to the last 2, I was totally not ready for this.   I don't even know how it came my way, but I popped it in  randomly and holy shit it was perfect.  So epic, they almost sound Canadian.  highly recommended.

Pandr Eyez - Bird Song
Pandr Eyez - Shinin':  2 tracks of cheeky bass fun from the Eyes On You EP.  Keep reminding yourself:  not every dipshit youth grows up to be Ke$ha, some are AWESOME.

Santigold - Freak Like Me (Pickster One Remix):  Santigold was always prime remix material, and here's another one on point with a banger riddim.

Spoon - Bring it On Home To Me (Sam Cooke Cover):  THIS WORLD NEEDS MORE SAM COOKE.

The New Law - Opium Den:  It's like taking a Weeknd track and turning the clubber douchebag lyrical energy in to fierce breakbeat sexual rage.

The Rest - Always On My Mind:  Epic lovers rock from the new album Seesaw.  Because Radiohead can be a boner killer.

The Tallest Man On Earth - 1904:  From the new album There's No Leaving Now, comes this, and I just have to say it: OMG SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW ALBUM.

Tycho - Dive (Memoryhouse Remix):  Epic breakbeat maestro gets even dreamier, and time for naps all around.


2.54 - Circuitry
2.54 - Scarlet
2KWTVR - Body Feelings
Beach House - Lazuli
Beach House - The Hours
Best Practices - Future Cougar
Bondax - All Inside
Cannon Bros. - Out Of Here
Carrousel - 14
Exitmusic - Passage
Exitmusic - The Night
Pandr Eyez - Bird Song
Pandr Eyez - Shinin'
Santigold - Freak Like Me (Pickster One Remix)
Spoon - Bring it On Home To Me (Sam Cooke Cover)
The New Law - Opium Den
The Rest - Always On My Mind
The Tallest Man On Earth - 1904
Tycho - Dive (Memoryhouse Remix)

Words keep coming in but I just smile.

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