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This episode is dedicated to Adam W, who sent me a lovely note along with this fabulous book from my wishlist:
Such a rad photo book.  If you are interested in ARTS! then you can check my collection of books at

Andre Lodemann - Coming Home:  Oh well hello there slinky little tech funk, what you doin'?  My favourite little number off the new album Fragments 1.

Andrew Bird - Danse Carribe:  New album is Break It Yourself and so far so good.  It's what you wanted, what you hoped for, and my god after his virtuoso performance in the finale act of the Muppet Movie you know you want some more damn whistling AND DAMMIT YES THERE IS GOOD WHISTLING.

Bastille - Overjoyed (Yeasayer Remix):  I like the touch that Yeasayer give on the remix front.  It's pretty refined and doesn't throw back to their own trappings, kind of like how most Hot Chip remixes fall flat, but really crafts some quality stuff that doesn't drown it's source material.

Chromatics - Birds of Paradise (Nikos Toscani Remix):  I like satisfying plodding beats like this one, the simple pop really sits well on it.

Henry Mancini - Expierment in Terror (Creatures Bootleg):  MANCINI, RESPECT!

I Self Devine - Hold On:  holy cymbal ride batman!  Biting in to some El-P claustrophobia stylee, this song really flies, in a scream at the screen kinda way.

Larvae - Remarkable:  Deep night breaks from the new release Exit Strategy.

Long Arm - After 4AM:  And lets keep that vibe, and add some jazz grooves to it all.  From The Branches.

Mystikal & Mannie Fresh - Move Something:  We're entering an interesting age with original hiphoppers in the middle age, and damn takes notes gramps, because Mannie Fresh is setting the bar high.

Pinch & Shackleton - Burning Blood
Pinch & Shackleton - Jellybones:  The self-titled Lp eschews to many of the boring trends that have really made dubstep and subgenres a pathetic joke over the past 5 years.  In the same way that tech-house producers had to shuffle off the confines of their dying genre and reinvent themselves, Pinch & Shackleton explore new sound avenues where their powers behind the boards are put to good and not evil.

Porcelain Raft - Backwords:  Ok I hate to admit it but I was rather disappointed with the new album Strange Weekend, but this track was probably my favourite.

Port St. Willow - Hollow
Port St. Willow - Orphan:  The new album Holiday is something to get a listen to right away, as you're going to need to let it marinate.  For me it has the preciousness of Fleet Foxes mixed with the actual emotions of someone like E.M.A..  Definitely one to watch.

St. Lucia - We Got It Wrong (Xaphoon Jones Remix):  Let's end on some total bounced-out pop ish.  Perfect.


Andre Lodemann - Coming Home
Andrew Bird - Danse Carribe
Bastille - Overjoyed (Yeasayer Remix)
Chromatics - Birds of Paradise (Nikos Toscani Remix)
Henry Mancini - Expierment in Terror (Creatures Bootleg)
I Self Devine - Hold On
Larvae - Remarkable
Long Arm - After 4AM
Mystikal & Mannie Fresh - Move Something
Pinch & Shackleton - Burning Blood
Pinch & Shackleton - Jellybones
Porcelain Raft - Backwords
Port St. Willow - Hollow
Port St. Willow - Orphan
St. Lucia - We Got It Wrong (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

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