Monday, July 2, 2012

David Wilkerson - The Coming Persecution

David Wilkerson - The Coming Persecution

Oh I love the compulsive persecution complex espoused by evangelical xtians!   Total batshit paranoia that is up there with the USA's gun lobby, but it's good for business.

The real gem of this release is his list of predictions and prophecies:

Oh why is it always the CHARISMATIC ones that are so persecuted by the armies of homosexual mass murderers?

download David Wilkerson - The Coming Persecution

Ripped by CPI, encoded at 320 kbps.


  1. Just got back from my "Hate Christ" club where we were planning our next attack on those damned charismatic Catholics. I think I am gonna relax this evening, check out some "x-rated" skinflicks on my local TV channel and see if the news about the major earthquake in America is true... ;)

    Hell, that David Wilkerson's predictions were pretty spot on...

    Many thanks, this is the kind of post that makes checking out new music blogs so worthwhile and rewarding.

  2. Ha, glad you are enjoying all of the records I digitized. :)