Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Toronto + Ottawa DJ mixes

When I got rid of many of my tapes I was sure to digtize them beforehand.  GOOD ON YOU, CAITLYN!
Yes indeedy, because I just discovered the hard drive where I had recorded a few old rave tapes from DJs hailing from Ottawa and Toronto.  I wish I had digitized them all, but if you have any tapes that fit the bill let me know and maybe I can help get them online.

Most of this is gabber/hardcore/speedcore, but Rob Solo brings the best of the booty house!

Deacon BoomBastardizer - Musical Facelift (gabber)
Deacon BoomBastardizer - The Blasphemix (gabber)
DJ Kristan - Gabber Garden (gabber)
DJ Plague - Sign My Book... Of Terror!!! (speedcore)
Rob Solo - Strictly Booty  (booty house)

The mixing might not all be perfect, but part of the weekend never dies.

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