Monday, July 9, 2012

A note for new visitors!

Hi everyone coming here from Ubu and WFMU! 
I wanted to point out that this blog is a bit eclectic, so in addition to the "digitized albums" tag that you are probably browsing right now, you should also really check out:

The excellent DJ mixes

and the weekly mp3 blog

The mixes are a wide variety of music, from chillout beats to dancey pop, all with nods to the underground and wonderfully mixed.
The mp3 blog is a weekly .ZIP file for ease-of-download of all sorts of amazing new stuff.

~Caitlyn / CPI

1 comment:

  1. This is GOLDMINE stuff!
    (Ultra -Rare Vinyls with Vintage Avant-garde & "Musique Electronique")
    And i'll check out the DJ- Mixes as well, in time. Just LUUV a good mix of exiting trax!
    Thanx a Zillion! :-)