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MP3 blog 2009/10/27

blog 2009/10/27 - these days are scarce and the moments so precious

There might be some gaps in my blogging schedule, so of course who knows the world may crack and fray and fall away to time.
Or, maybe some girl blogging regularly isn't such a big deal.

Either way, I'm here, I'm now, and it's time for another bucket of musical slurry.

04 Song X_256K:  HELP ME OUT A BIT!  I got this great mp3 randomly.  No idea where.  But it's super and I love it and have no idea who it is.
Any help please?

Amos The Transparent - Greater Than Consequence:  The new EP is entitled "My, What Big Teeth You Have..." and for those that have been waiting, just suck it up and enjoy this sucker on repeat. 
Amos The Transparent - Lemons, aka (BigFishLittlePond):  Great Canadiana-CBC-ready folk rock blissout.  Recommended.

Azeda Booth - Samoan Girls:  The new LP is Tubtrek and it boasts a clever fusion of the go-to indie shuffle sound, but with some delicious IDM underpinnings and actually talented singing.
Azeda Booth - Well (Refilled And Set In Sand):  Repent ye Animal Collective spawn, here is a band that digs a bit deeper in the scene and pulls together a number of grin-inducing elements in a somewhat unique and joyful way.  Recommended.

Bat For Lashes - Siren Song (Live At Shepherd’s Bush Empire):  Sometimes when you hear an album the vocals will blow you away, but then when you see them live they are struggling to come close to the range they had on disc.  That is not the case here.  To prove the doubters wrong, the single for Pearl's Dream included some live tracks, and this one especially shows off this woman's sheer talent and beauty.  Repent, haters, repent!

Beck - Youthless (acoustic):  Beck has always produced like a mad man, but shortly after his great rock album Modern Guilt from last year, he returned with a set of acoustic takes on all of his songs.  Modern Guilt Acoustic proves the continued strength of his songwriting.

Bell Orchestre - Icicles, Bicycles (Kid Koala Remix):  The remix album!  The remix album is a dinosaur of the 90s that still lingers onward, now applied to the postrocky soundscapes of Bell Orchestre, under the name "Who Designs Nature's How".  It's not all gold, but the big surprise is the glorious and tender reworking by none other than Kid Koala.  There are no breakbeats here, only a careful attention to detail and narrative.  This song is pretty damn beautiful.

Broken Note - Crux:  This single came out in 2008, but is still hot and underplayed imho.  Loving the bobbing bass, loving the sniper shot sounds, and the out-of-context-intense movie snippets.

Danny Byrd - Gold Rush:  Some new sweetness from Danny Byrd.  Wonderfully affected vocals, and some Jon Kennedy-esque old-man-music style samples.  Perfect.

Geoff K - Jack It Up (HeavyFeet Remix):  All hail the awkward bass magic of HeavyFeet!

Jay Reatard - Faking It:  Reatard's new album is Watch Me Fall, and has been getting rave reviews all around.  I'm not super in to it... yet.   Give me a few more relistens. 
Jay Reatard - It Ain't Gonna Save Me:  Right off the bat these two tracks come shining out of the snotty mess.  Rock heads should take note.

Jenny Owen Youngs - Good Day (Jukebox The Ghost cover):  I might be wrong, the covering might be the other way around, but I this is just a great pop song. all around.

Karen Dalton - In The Evening (It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best):  From the album It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best comes this totally enchanting blues number.  I just picture her dueting with Antony....  ahhh.  That's a good reason to die.

Scratch - Let's Go ft Peedi Crakk:  Another hot hiphop track I really know nothing about.  Why do you expect me to know everything?  I just listen to everything.

The O'Darling - Mooncat:  The lightly pulsiung piano evokes old jazz ballads, but the steady drone of it and the soft accents of the horns firmly entrenches it in that lovely world of dark folk indie.

Various Production - Tricycle:    Who doesn't love tricycles?  No one, that's right.  And who doesn't love Various Production?  That's right again: no one. 


04 Song X_256K
Amos The Transparent - Greater Than Consequence
Amos The Transparent - Lemons, aka (BigFishLittlePond)
Azeda Booth - Samoan Girls
Azeda Booth - Well (Refilled And Set In Sand)
Bat For Lashes  - Siren Song (Live At Shepherd’s Bush Empire)
Beck - Youthless (acoustic)
Bell Orchestre - Icicles, Bicycles (Kid Koala Remix)
Broken Note - Crux
Danny Byrd - Gold Rush
Geoff K - Jack It Up (HeavyFeet Remix)
Jay Reatard - Faking It
Jay Reatard - It Ain't Gonna Save Me
Jenny Owen Youngs - Good Day (Jukebox The Ghost cover)
Karen Dalton - In The Evening (It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best)
Scratch - Let's Go ft Peedi Crakk
The O'Darling - Mooncat
Various Production - Tricycle

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