Thursday, October 1, 2009

CPI - Particle 1000 0001

You've all been waiting oh so patiently, and now CPI is back with a thick slice of downtempo grooves.

CPI - Particle 1000 0001

01) David Hoy - Opening Remarks
02) Lida Husik - Bad Head Day (Subtropic Cut It Up Mix)
03) Blockhead - The First Snowfall
04) Tom Tyler - Ode To The Lizard (Cinematic Orchestra Chameleon Mix)
05) Alice Russell - Hurry On Now
06) Aim - Hinterland
07) Dirty Elegance - Foreign Objects
08) Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 Suite
09) Better Daze - Stay Right Here
10) Handsome Boy Modelling School - I've Been Thinking ft Cat Power
11) Erykah Badu - On & On (Natural Self Mix)
12) Intense - Flashback
13) A Skillz & Krafty Kuts - On Your Own ft Cathy Burton
14) The Pastels - The Viaduct (Kid Loco Remix)
15) The Pastels - The Viaduct (Ian Carmichael Remix)

40 minutes, 92 MB

Wake up Sunday, put this on, and go back to bed and make-out in the morning sunbeams.

This mix goes back to a number of classic tracks I had on vinyl, but never got around to using in a mix.

It has been 9 years since Chinchillin' first came out!  And 11 years since Poetry Is For Faeries.  I still receive the most fan messages from those two, particularly because they were traded heavily on soulseek and napster back in the day.
Well, 11 years later and we're still going strong.  Thanks for all of the kind words.

~Caitlyn / CPI

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