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MP3 blog 2009/10/13

blog 2009/10/13 - The days are darker but the fires still burn your cuff-links raw.

Def Jux is back with a 2009 sampler that has some decent heat on it.
Def Jux Presents 4 is worth the low-budget entry fee, but as with any label sampler, you'll be trimming the fat around the singles.
Despot - Look Alive:  I hadn't heard much by this guy before, so he is definitely the most exciting discovery on the sampler.  Great flow, engrossing beat, fun chant-back chorus, no cheesy cringe lines, it's got it all.
EL-P - How To Serve Man (The Meanest Thing I'd Never Say):  El-P has issues.  Man.  I don't know, is he fighting with Slug to reveal how poor of a track record with women he has?  Anyways, I wouldn't fuck 'em, but at least El-P still has his A-Game on.  And I love the pulsing synths that prove just how far ahead of the game El-P was, and how much style Kanye West production really owes El-P.
Hail Mary Mallon - D-Up ft Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz:  This is a more straight-head posse cut for the Def Jux crew, but of course that means that it is still light-years ahead of most other jams on the market.

Friends In Bellwoods 2 is a massive compilation that is centered around the house owned by Ohbijou members.  They got all of their indie superstar friends together and produce these comps to support a local food bank, proving just how exceptionally awesome people they are.
The comp is a must-have.  The amount of amazing tracks in here for the low low entry price is a super value.  AND you get to do a good deed and support a charity.  HOW AWESOME ARE YOU?
Sure, the collection is no Dark Was The Night.  That comp was 85% killer.  A loving producer should have edited the track list from 40 songs down to at most 30, but we're the digital generation and little speedbumps shouldn't get us down.  Highly recommended.
Buy the album, or at the very least donate at least $10 directly to your own local food bank at the next available opportunity.  These 4 songs alone are worth that.
Evening Hymns - Cedars
Forest City Lovers - Minneapolis
Kate Rogers - The Same Party
Ohbijou - An Ode To An End

Akron/Family - River:  I haven't seen the new album around, but this new track is from their 2009 "Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free".  These guys spawned a new wave of indie hippy rock, and it delights me to no end that they have moved away from their bastard spawn and found an tweaked and innovative approach to the same ole ball game.  I like this a lot.

Blake Miller - Tomorrow Sorrow:  A great understated folk song.  From the album "Burn Tape".

Brightblack Morning Light - Oppressions Each:  The album is "Motion To Rejoin", and I missed it first time around last year.  It continues the echoed out smooth stoner bliss that I love about these guys.

Chrissy Murderbot - The Limelight:  A great little ragga bounce number.  It grooves perfectly, where most producers would just overload this sucker with bassey paunch.

Ellie Goulding - Guns + Horses:  Ellie Goulding is kind of sort of rocking my world these days.  In a big way.  Her subtle trills, by-the-power-of-Bjork-Skull power, and the absolutely infectious songwriting just has he all swooning.

Lauren Flax - You've Changed ft Sia (Christopher Just & Tombstone's We Change Too Remix):  This is some SWEET joyous deep house.  Old school styles all the way, with a modern production edge.  Delicious!

OK, don't laugh.  These next 2 tracks are from the Fame soundtrack.  Yes, the Fame re-release movie thingy.
I know I know...  I had to check it out, I couldn't help myself.  No way in hell I'll see the movie, but I'm a music junkie and must dig everywhere I can...
Raney Shockne ft Eddie Wakes - I Put A Spell On You:  Neo-soul downtempo.  Nice and chill.
Raney Shockne ft Stella Moon - Street Hustlin':  I can only imagine the cheeseball scene this accompanies, but these 84 seconds are pretty slamming, even if an almost self-parodying ripoff of M.I.A..

Sawako - Incense Of Voice:  From the album "Hum", more Sawako with that patented lush drone littered with feminine chirps.  When you need a good comedown, Sawako is there for you, pillow in hand.

Shugo Tokumaru - Rum Hee:  If you were around here last year you might remember my unbridled enthusiasm for Shugo Tokumaru.  HOLY SHIT A NEW ALBUM.  I don't have the CD yet, but this is the title track that has been leaked and it does not disappoint.  Like a Japanese Sufjan Stevens, Tokumaru impresses and delights me to no end.

Taken By Trees - Greyest Love Of All:  The 2009 album "East Of Eden" is both gorgeous and refined.  Stylistically drawing from The Concretes, early Mum, Shugo Tokumaru and a pit of instrumental creativity that is seldom plumbed these days, this album is just great.
Taken By Trees - To Lose Someone:  If you can get behind these two tracks and love that delicate acoustic folk sound, this album is highly recommended.


Akron/Family - River
Blake Miller - Tomorrow Sorrow
Brightblack Morning Light - Oppressions Each
Chrissy Murderbot - The Limelight
Despot - Look Alive
Ellie Goulding - Guns + Horses
EL-P - How To Serve Man (The Meanest Thing I'd Never Say)
Evening Hymns - Cedars
Forest City Lovers - Minneapolis
Hail Mary Mallon - D-Up ft Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz
Kate Rogers - The Same Party
Lauren Flax - You've Changed ft Sia (Christopher Just & Tombstone's We Change Too Remix)
Ohbijou - An Ode To An End
Raney Shockne ft Eddie Wakes - I Put A Spell On You
Raney Shockne ft Stella Moon - Street Hustlin'
Sawako - Incense Of Voice
Shugo Tokumaru - Rum Hee
Taken By Trees - Greyest Love Of All
Taken By Trees - To Lose Someone

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