Sunday, March 21, 2010

DNA & RNA - Deciphering The Code Of Life (1974)

This will be the first post in a series for Grey Calx, writer of the fabulous blogs A Basement of Curiousities and A Closet of Curiousities.
The latter blog specializing in more experimental, rare world music, and contemporary classical.  The former specializing in obscure spoken word, sound recordings, and wacky puzzling detrius from the vinyl heydays.

I have been asked to post some of my offerings, and when someone who has posted up as much amazing stuff as this person asks, you are honored to oblige!

First up:
DNA & RNA - Deciphering The Code Of Life

This album is from a 1974 lecture series that is to accompany a slide show.  This is good for sciencey samples, or for people interested in what science was like 36 years ago.
This is disc 2 from the series.  Sorry, I don't have the others.

Same program on side A and B, except side A has beeps for when to change slides.  Both are included.
320 kbps vinyl rips, done by CPI.

Enjoy!  More coming soon.

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