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MP3 blog 2010/03/02

blog 2010/03/02 - the only thing better than sleep is you.

Another super-quick update of hotness for you all.  Mind my brevity, but rest assured that this is a golden bundle for good.

13th Floor Elevators - Your Gonna Miss You (Blastto Edit):  Great guitar rock sound, with a well placed beat on top.  Super useful, super fun.  But you might want to just skip the final minute.

Aischa & Coultrain - Edge Of:  Some smooth sexy downtempo soul.  Total lovers groove.

Alcoholic Faith Mission - We All Have Our Shortcomings:  So like what's this?  an AA meeting?

Atami - Nightingale (Yamantaka Eye X-mas Mix):  Plucked from 2008's "Re... Remix?" collection, psychedelic frontman from the Boredoms delivers some incredible jams on that LP.  Here is one more accessible, kinda like AGF, but holy shit what a glorious bucket of wow this album is.  Highly recommended for fans of leftfield electronics and psych.

Broken Bells - The High Road:  brand new for 2010, just some fabulous radio-friendly singalong pop.

Bullion - Say Goodbye To What:  Uhhh what?  What's up there cute fairy princess from the 60s.  This is like Tranquility Bass for the next decade.  Awesome.

Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock (Savoy Remix):  Awwww shiiiiit!  This is such a perfect little track.  It even builds on it's goodness for 3 minutes, and blows you away dropping the Damien Marley vox.   So slamming.

Efterklang - Modern Drift:  The new 2010 album is "Magic Chairs", and while it's not everything you really wanted it to be, this track is aces.  Efterklang's debut LP seems like it will never be matched, let alone surpassed.  If only this track was 45 minutes long.

Emily Wells - Juicy:  Dope tribute-to-Cocorosie vocals and good beat.  If you can get over the magazine article about Cocorosie crew hanging out at underground hiphop parties for middleclass white kids, it's an enjoyable track.

Get Busy Committee - Chillin Out Maxin:  FUCKING FRESH PRINCE OF BELAIR!

Immuzikation - Sleepydream:  More great beat jacking, this time flipping the oft-remixed Sleepy Head by Passion Pit and dropping rhymes on top.  Ever since Kanye did Stronger, MCs have been ripping indie beats like crazy.  And it's not a bad thing.

Skyence - Precious Time:  Always always always need the sexy liquid stepper action!

Skyzoo - Ghetto America (Astronote Remix):  I guess hiphop is the predominate genre of this here update, so here's another solid track.

Sneaky - Beduija:  The solid beats just keep a-comin'!

South Rakkas Crew & Deerhoof - Choo Choo Beep (+81):  OK, it's all a bit absurd, but fuck it, it's still fun.  Leftfield indie rock crew Deerhoof hook up with cheeseball party monsters South Rakkas Crew?  OK, whatevs.  Next thing you know we'll have Yoshimi P-We jamming with Justin Timberlake.

Special Ed - Dreadlock (Soundphreakers Remix):  How long has it since we put up some new ragga jungle?  Probably too long.  Just to be safe, take upon this smoking Soundphreakers remix and offer forgiven upon me.

The Field - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime:  The Field are awesome, but suffer from critical overhyping ala Pitchfork.  Fuck it, people, they're OK, but not the Gods of minimal techno.  Yeesh.  Anyways, I have a softspot for the original (?) Beck version of this song, so had to pass this slowtempo slumper along.  And yes, Yesterday And Today is a fabulous album for all minimal techno heads, very much recommended, but best of the year?  nuh uh.

Zero 7 ft Mf Doom - Summersalt:  Zero 7 have always underwhelmed me on the downtempo side, but here they get it right with some soul and smash, and then get MF doom of all cats to come in and drop some bliss.  A perfect way to send off this update.


13th Floor Elevators - Your Gonna Miss You (Blastto Edit)
Aischa & Coultrain - Edge Of
Alcoholic Faith Mission - We All Have Our Shortcomings
Atami - Nightingale (Yamantaka Eye X-mas Mix)
Broken Bells - The High Road
Bullion - Say Goodbye To What
Damian Marley - Welcome to Jamrock (Savoy Remix)
Efterklang - Modern Drift
Emily Wells - Juicy
Get Busy Committee - Chillin Out Maxin
Immuzikation - Sleepydream
Skyence - Precious Time
Skyzoo - Ghetto America (Astronote Remix)
Sneaky - Beduija
South Rakkas Crew & Deerhoof - Choo Choo Beep (+81)
Special Ed - Dreadlock (Soundphreakers Remix)
The Field - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
Zero 7 ft Mf Doom - Summersalt

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