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MP3 blog 2010/03/16

blog 2010/03/16 - oh right, there's your monkey.

Well hello hello!  You just can't stop the music.  Oh that's right, she stole that line from me.

Bonobo - Animals
Bonobo ft Andreya Triana - Eyesdown:  Hold on to your tush and whip out that "BEST OF 2010" list.  It's time to insert a new entry in the top 10 contenders!  Bonobo is back with Black Sands, and it absolutely fricking incredible.   Absolutely essential.  Downtempo, jazz, dubstep, jazz vocalist, atmospheric, and just gorgeous.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  This album is pure gold, non-stop. 

Cardopusher - Travestieten Transsexuelen Over The Rainbow:  Cardopusher has consistently made the funnest and innovative beats, and his sexy Unity Means Power album ressurrects the glee that only early ADDICT 12"s could elicit in the 90s.  Like how ADDICT gave fun and sneers at DHR's cold sneering seriousness, Carodpusher mashes shit up in the rather chilly dubstep and junglist scene.  If you were ever a breakcore fan, you need this album.

Clorinde - Cecile And The Knights:  another great track from 2009's The Creative Listener.   Just cuz.

High Places - On a Hill in a Bed on a Road in a House:  The new album "High Places vs. Mankind" is getting some decent reviews in many disparate places, but it certainly didn't blow me away.  Their composition is tightened up, at the expense of the ethereal charm that really was the main attraction for me on the earlier stuff.  But I do love this song.

Lightning Dust - I Knew:  Super fun rock-pop, from the 2009 album Infinite Light.

Mamadou Diabate - Bolomabory
Mamadou Diabate - Douga Mansa:  Prepare to have your face melted off with Douga Mansa.  I pretty much will check out any peformer whose name ends in Diabate or Toure, and I have not been dissapointed yet.  WHAT AMAZING FAMILIES.

Moonface - Marimba and Shit-Drums:  Like, what am I supposed to say with a title like that?  It's perfect.  just perfect.

Motohiro Nakashima - A Few Minutes Before The Dawn:  Gentle piano and strings and guitar and horn.  This is a pretty good snapshot of the beautiful album "We Hum On The Way Home".  Recommended for fans of gorgeous gentle ambience.

Myd - Train to Bamako:  Oh you know me, I just love house tracks with chanting.

Parker - Where's My Monkey:  THE ULTIMATE DUBSTEP PARODY TRACK!  A pitch perfect hilarious reinterpretation of TC's Where's My Money.  Wierd Al Yankovic can sleep easy knowing that kids like this are out there.

Scott Matthew - Community
Scott Matthew - Ornament:  I first got in to Scott Matthew after his beautiful appearance in the film Shortbus.  His new album "There Is An Ocean That Divides" will tend to divide more audiences than oceans.  Like Chris Garneau, Damien Rice and Patrick Watson, Scott has an incredibly emotional and deeply wrought style.  This will either set you off or enchant you, depending on how much romanticism you can handle.  For me, I just love the gushy romance.

The Incredible Funk League - On & On ft Sadat X:  A funky little number with some short and sweet verses from Sadat X.

The Twilight Sad - The Room:  NEW TWILIGHT SAD FOR 2010!   I haven't heard the full length yet, but this is the first single off the LP.  It is not a radical departure, but still a pleasurable refinement of their craft and oh so good!

Trickform - Grain Plek:  Wow, it's been a while since I posted some straight-ahead IDM fare!  From Trickform's self-titled album in 2009, this track brings me back to all that late-90s Funkstorung joy.  So so so happy here.

Young Jeezy - I Got This (El-P Remix):  Close things down with this surprising remix!  It even ressurects El-P's "WHAT?" sample, last heard on Viagra with DJ Vadim 12 years back.  Pretty frickin' awesome.  FRICKIN!!!!


Bonobo - Animals
Bonobo ft Andreya Triana - Eyesdown
Cardopusher - Travestieten Transsexuelen Over The Rainbow
Clorinde - Cecile And The Knights
High Places - On a Hill in a Bed on a Road in a House
Lightning Dust - I Knew
Mamadou Diabate - Bolomabory
Mamadou Diabate - Douga Mansa
Moonface - Marimba and Shit-Drums
Motohiro Nakashima - A Few Minutes Before The Dawn
Myd - Train to Bamako
Parker - Where's My Monkey
Scott Matthew - Community
Scott Matthew - Ornament
The Incredible Funk League - On & On ft Sadat X
The Twilight Sad - The Room
Trickform - Grain Plek
Young Jeezy - I Got This (El-P Remix)

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