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MP3 blog 2010/03/08

blog 2010/03/08 - sweep the porch and chill the bubbley, spring is a-comin'

Alice Russell - Let Us Be Loving (Kidkanevil Remix):  Last years Pot Of Gold Remixes remixes album had some definite flavour, but like most similar remix comps, it got a bit bogged down in its own thoroughness.  Still, if you can go in there with a DJ's ear for pruning, there are tonnes of fantastic junky soul jams to be had.

Andrew Thomas - A Dream Of A Spider
Andrew Thomas - One Thousand Pinholes In A Black Paper Sky:  New Andrew Thomas album!  "Between Buildings & Trees" doesn't offer up much new if you are a veteran of the Kompakt Pop Ambient world, but if you have been hanging out with this crew for 10 years, new isn't what you want.  What you want is gentle waves of sound, lush pads, and the perfect soundtrack for your prescription meds come-down.

Annabel - People And Places:  Total poppy driving rock fun!

Anti-Pop Consortium - Volcano (Four Tet Remix):  Four Tet kicks it up with a fabulous remix of the hottest track the Anti-Pop crew has dropped in years.  Flavour!

Arve Henriksen - Children In My Garden:  From the 2001 album "Sakuteiki", this is an engrossing solo performance.  A mic so close you can hear the salive along the mouthpiece.

Asobi Seksu - Walk On The Moon:   This one starts of small and simple, but woah, it just catches you.  The female vocals drive the whole thing, guitar swells be damned.  More pop than post-rock, I like.

Cat Power - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover):  A fabulous rendition of this rock classic.

Colin Meloy - Cupid (Sam Cook cover):  Another cover, going even further back!  Meloy, of The Decemberists, puts a good spin on this bubblegum classic.

Dana Falconberry - The Possum Song (live on MOKB radio):  Some sweet and classic folk, akin to The Be Good Tanyas/

Dead Confederate
- Start Me Laughing:  Umm what?   This guy totally sounds like Kurt Cobain.  After 15 years where no one sounded like Kurt Cobain and no one was allowed to sound like Kurt Cobain...  Here comes this guy.  And it kind of rocks.

Dub Fiend - Tetris Dubstep Remix:  And the torch is passed.   Not 3 years go by when the kids of the day reinterpret the Tetris theme with the popular genre of the day.  Once it was Breakbeat, once Happy Hardcore, once hard house, once techno....  NOW DUBSTEP CARRIES ON THE GRAND TRADITION!   But things are breaking the mold here.  I distinctly detect some Super Mario Bros 3, Pac Man, a vocal clip from Mario 64, and Street Fighter 2.  Not sure where the "Come on!" sample is from, though.  I guess you have to branch out a bit to keep things intersting over full duration.

Edu K - Jumpin n Pumpin:  Finally, we get back to some club ish!

El Guincho - Kalise (Round Table Knights Remix):  Love the chants, love the bass!  Round Table Knights do up a solid remix with just some simple bouncing bass.

John Zorn - Uzziel:  Get this:  This is from the the 13th entry in Zorn's 2nd book of Masada tunes.  The first Book Of Masada was 10 discs of jazz quartet bliss.  Volume 2, The Book Of Angels, is now at 13 and I don't know where it ends.  Titled "Mycale", this edition is fucking fantastic.  The entire record is a quartet of women singing acapella, and it is incredibley good.  Highly recommended.

Land of Talk - Sixteen Asterisk:  Land of Talk, oh how I'd missed you!  Hi, how are you doing?  Grab a chair, the tea is almost ready.

Lhasa De Sela - Fool's Gold:  This reminds me of Anne Murray.  YES, IN A GOOD WAY.  SHEESH, you people...

Mike Snow - Animal (Mark Ronson Remix):  Now this is good.  In the age of endless remixes, Mark Ronson takes the fabulous song by Mike Snow and redoes it completely, rendering it a dubby chiller.  Wonderful.

Oh No - Concentrate
Oh No - Fuego Tribe:   We close things off with 2 hot beats from Dr. No's Ethiopium.  Fans of Flying Lotus and Beans should already know this.  See you next week, kiddies!


Alice Russell - Let Us Be Loving (Kidkanevil Remix)
Andrew Thomas - A Dream Of A Spider
Andrew Thomas - One Thousand Pinholes In A Black Paper Sky
Annabel - People And Places
Anti-Pop Consortium - Volcano (Four Tet Remix)
Arve Henriksen - Children In My Garden
Asobi Seksu - Walk On The Moon
Cat Power - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Colin Meloy - Cupid (Sam Cook cover)
Dana Falconberry - The Possum Song (live on MOKB radio)
Dead Confederate - Start Me Laughing
Dub Fiend - Tetris Dubstep Remix
Edu K - Jumpin n Pumpin
El Guincho - Kalise (Round Table Knights Remix)
John Zorn - Uzziel
Land of Talk - Sixteen Asterisk
Lhasa De Sela - Fool's Gold
Mike Snow - Animal (Mark Ronson Remix)
Oh No - Concentrate
Oh No - Fuego Tribe

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